About Us

Our commitment to extraordinary relationships with our clients, peers, and the environment drives growth, success, and accomplishment.

About The Company

RWA, Inc. is a professional services firm based in Naples, Florida offering land use planning, civil engineering, surveying and mapping solutions for private and public sector clients. To be successful, we depend on the skills, value, and commitment of our employees. We value their input and encourage employee involvement and communication within the organization. RWA’s leadership strives for the empowerment of our staff and recognition of our employees. RWA promotes excellence, teamwork and individual responsibility. We make every effort to look for new ways to enhance cooperation and provide greater encouragement and support between work groups, departments, and project teams. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a drug-free workplace.

What We Do

Through experience, knowledge, and innovative problem-solving, RWA provides quality solutions from initial planning through final design, permitting, and construction. Our services include civil engineering, community and land planning, and surveying and mapping for projects spanning real estate, government and non-profit industries.

RWA’s team works diligently to deliver superior service for our clients. Planners deliver creative, professional and responsive services that bring lasting value to your project, while RWA’s Civil Engineers can transform even the most challenging site into a quality development plan that addresses both your needs and the needs of the community. In addition, our Surveying and Mapping Professionals set the standard for expert accuracy, optimum equipment, solid experience, and unbeatable service!


Since 1997, RWA, Inc. has transformed from a small, local firm offering civil engineering services, to a thriving business with regional scope, offering comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions of civil engineering, land planning, surveying and mapping, and GIS services for private and public sector clients. The firm’s diversity allows for service to clients during each phase of a project, from initial planning through final design, permitting, and construction.

“Our recipe for success is no hidden secret and not difficult to achieve if you are willing to be committed to doing your very best every day. We maintain a high level of core values with a relationship-drive approach, focusing on the needs of our clients and genuinely caring about the people within our organization,” states Christopher Wright, P.E., CEO. “Besides, when you really enjoy what you do and can have fun doing it, it shows, is very contagious, and is reflected in our service and work products. That is what RWA is all about,” adds Wright.

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